The banking industry is a network of financial institutions who are licensed by the government to supply banking services. The principal services offered relates to storing, transferring, extending credit and managing the risks associated with various forms of wealth. The bundle of financial services offered, has varied considerably across institutions, through the time, and across jurisdictions, evolving in step with changes in the regulation of the industry, and development of the economy, plus advances in information and communications technologies. Industry Challenges: The lack of momentary and integrated validation of information for decision makers. The lack of mechanisms and indicators for measuring the status of financial productivity and service areas. Contradictory reports in different domains for a single entity. The lack of integration between the costly financial systems of centralized electronic banking systems. Ilia-ERP can offer insight as to which ERP solution would best fit the company’s needs and provide insights on best business processes to help. Ilia-ERP Solutions: Provide ERP with Core Banking system. Definition and goal-setting, strategy, CSF, KPI and creating a business intelligence tool Analysis and having dashboards in time for decision makers. Do not repeat re-enter information for normalizing information in different organizational units. Creating connectors to transfer information in CPM, Income, and cost accounting and Cost centerfields.