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Achieve competitive advantage by streamlining oil and gas production and distribution processes Considered the biggest sector in the world in terms of value, the oil and gas industry is a global powerhouse which employs hundreds of thousands of workers worldwide it also generate hundreds of billions of dollars globally each year. the key industry elements such as, the basics of oil and gas supply, demand and pricing plus the challenges that the industry faces as demand for these important forms of energy will grow up to 50% in the next 25 years, so we want to provide offer you some solutions. Oil and gas solutions at Focus and abas ERP solutions for oil and gas industry can support the firm now and in the future, regardless if there is one office or multiple locations worldwide. ilia-ERP professional consulting team has assisted oil and gas companies for implementing and integrating relevant solutions in order to address common pain points and bottlenecks that many oil and gas firms experience. ilia-ERP as Focus and abas exclusive representative can offer insight as to which ERP solution would best fit you company`s needs and provide insights on best business processes to help you: Integration of sales, inventory and inventory control, delivery and loading of logistics, financial and administrative management, production. Coverage of logistics processes, management of supply sources of components in accordance with industry-defined standards. Control and trace materials and products. Mechanization of the shift process in the organization. Workflow in the organization in accordance with defined processes and organizational structure.