With the remarkable in the insurance products all insurance companies risk component goes up in order to cover risks by providing a simplified solution for policy management, sales increase, commission trading and integration with external systems, ilia-ERP offers peace at mind to insurance industry. ilia-ERP Solution helps to you Improve customer interactions, streamline core insurance operations, and simplifies finance processes by connecting digital processes and integrating horizontal and insurance-specific solutions. We are offering insight as to which ERP solution would best fit your company’s needs and provide insights on best business processes to help you. ilia-ERP Solution: Automate tasks to reduce the administrative burden on brokers and agents Provide process insights to drive more effective business decisions Manage and track commissions Provide document versioning, storage, and management for multiple carriers and policies Provide core financials such as HR, AR, Payroll Integrate disparate insurance, financial, ERP, or CRM systems and pull information into one central location, proving your team with relevant data they need