Oil & Gas

According to huge amount of operations and wide activity and process area in oil and gas industry around the world, special Focus and abas solutions are designed based on their requirements to resolve challenges and support with ilia ERP team.
The most important oil and gas challenges:

• Online supply and production condition changes and global product prices
• Storage limitations of semi-finished goods in tanks in process production
• DCS systems are not integrated with production planning software
• Actual and Activity Based Costing (ABC) is not possible.
• MESC coding that could not limit repetitive codes.
• Expensive disruptions in production

Oil & Gas industry Solutions:

• Advanced planning engines for all of the company resources including production planning, sales, material, budget and human resource in Focus ERP to response changes.
• Middle and final tanks and warehouses planning
• DCS integration and real time production control
• Using real time information of DCS
• Preventing repetitive code entrance
• Preventive maintenance, emergency maintenance and condition based maintenance avoiding production disruption