According to production challenges and that production planning is the heart of each company, coordination between organizational units like sales, production, supply, scheduling and work order issuing are the most important activities is abas and Focus. According to these challenges, after customer company identification and software implementation by ilia ERP team, production department will achieve its goals.

Production Industry Challenges:

• Complexity of goods and raw material supply planning
• Disability of calculating online ABC costing
• Low Production costs and performance
• Low cooperation between marketing, design, production and inventory departments
• Slow movement items and inventory shortage
• Online production planning based on real information is not possible

Production industry solutions

• Automatic raw material and goods supply planning using Advanced material planning
• Access to accurate and online information to calculate ABC costing
• Using Preventive Maintenance to have lower facilities downtime and purchase planning to prevent excess inventory in work centers
• Helping companies to change activities from function based to process based and using business process management tools for integration
• optimize resource planning to avoid lost sales
• Using Material Requirement Planning and Manufacturing Resource Planning and Capacity Resource Planning tools for efficient planning based on accurate information