What is consulting?

A lot of people coming across this part already have an ERP system in place but most of them are doing research to find the right ERP software for their business.

Many companies are looking for an ERP software which need least hardware and software infrastructure and optimize this need. Another reason that a company wants is minimizing and optimizing implementation cost. So, they are looking for a professional and trustworthy consultant.

Second function of the ERP consultant is to assist with the complete transition from old ERP to the new. From understanding your business requirements, to evaluating proper solutions, to installing, training and fine tuning the product to fit your needs. All, or any single part of this process, can be handled by the consulting team

ilia provide its consulting services in:

  • Consulting in various industries to understand the dilemmas of each industry
  • Choosing appropriate solutions to solve problems
  • Use of expert advisors in the implementation of proprietary Iranian methods
  • Enabling organizations to increase productivity and efficiency
  • Sales of technical and specialized knowledge in the field of ERP