Services & Support

ilia maintains outstanding levels of support and customer satisfaction. We pride ourselves on fast and accurate responses to customer questions and concerns.

ERP support for an organization implementing a new ERP system is always a major consideration. Even with a mature, installed ERP, support is still critical throughout its lifecycle. In addition to the expected internal IT support, companies necessarily rely on support from the supplier for fixes, updates and enhancements and may also rely on other resources for other kinds of ERP support.

Managed Services

24/7 support services

24/7 service for operation and maintenance of data centers using trained and experienced experts

Support Structure:

  • A dedicated support team consisting of Account Manager, Technical Manager, and Customer Service Manager.
  • One point of Direct contact (Account Manager),
  • One back-up point of contact
  • Support available through:
    • Phone / Email
    • Remote
    • On site visit

Online Support

We provide Technical Support through CHAT feature online to our customer which are handled by our Support Personnel’s.

Offline Support

Our Offline support through mail and e-mail provides full length of support to our customer.

Onsite Support

Our Onsite support provided by our technical expert’s helps streamline your business process in a right direction.